Alessandro Idini

The Ekpýrosis
Series (2022)


Passionate about photography since he was a young, Alessandro Idini, completed his studies in Milan at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. For several years, he worked as a fashion photographer in Milan and Paris, but later moved into outdoor journalism. He shot for various national and international publications and then later for Sky TV. His most recent series - Fragments, Ekpýrosis, Materia and Phaos are focused on the de-contextualisation of objects that are destined to degenerate until they are considered waste. This is reflective of society’s overconsumption, which is often manifested around the idea of something being disposable or upgraded and replaced. It is precisely this de-contextualization of objects, realised through the choice of framing, perspective and colours, which creates a “rebirth” culminating in a new form of expression.