Lang Lang

Unfolding (2021)


Lang Lang is a mixed-media artist and founder of creative studio No.29. She has been immersed in dynamic projects since 2020. Focusing on art, food design and innovation, she aims to capture all the sensational encounters in life and offer experimental experiences. "Unfolding" is an exploration of perception, transformation, and the evolving landscape of social interaction in the digital age. Rooted in the traditional Chinese cultural practice of the dinner party, this photography exhibition seeks to unravel the intricacies of contemporary socialization while envisioning its future trajectory. In today's interconnected world, social bonds are forged and nurtured through digital networks and platforms, transcending the constraints of time and space. Drawing inspiration from this phenomenon, "Unfolding" documents six dinner parties held in diverse settings, capturing the intersection of ordinary moments and extraordinary connections. Through carefully composed imagery, viewers are invited to witness the convergence of strangers brought together by shared spaces and shared experiences. Each photograph encapsulates a microcosm of emotions, from quiet contemplation to animated conversation, against the backdrop of a communal dining table. At the heart of "Unfolding" lies a tension between familiarity and estrangement, as depicted individuals navigate the complexities of human connection in an increasingly virtual world. The juxtaposition of carefully curated attire and spontaneous gestures underscores the surreal nature of contemporary social dynamics, inviting viewers to question the boundaries between authenticity and performance.