Paweł Sadaj

The Line Series


“Artists have always opened people's eyes and souls. Some say that a crisis is not the time for ideals, but it is precisely in times of crisis – and the fall of ideals – that artists should, or even have an obligation to, talk and remind us of important and sublime things, so that ideals have a chance to sprout and be born again.” Paweł Sadaj is a conceptual fine art photographer exploring social shifts and their impact on the world-at-large. Sadaj’s work is significantly influenced by the history of art, especially painting. He combines time periods, juggling canons and symbolism, and does not shy away from combining photography with 3D graphics. Sadaj is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland, faculty of Graphics, and of Artistic Photography at the State Secondary School of Fine Artsin Gdynia. He lives in Poland.