Stephen Johnston

Flowers in Jar (2023)

Stephen Johnston has been a full-time painter specialising in oils since 2010, with a focus on the intricate interplay of objects in the realm of still life. Through controlled mark-making, Johnston reveals juxtaposing narratives through subtle nuances. He aims to construct compelling visual dialogues that transcend the surface, inviting viewers to embark on a contemplative journey. Johnston seeks to unlock the captivating beauty and enigmatic allure that reside within the ordinary, often overlooked subtleties of existence, where unexpected connections await to be unearthed. Recently, Johnston has embarked on an exploration of the interplay of flowers in a jar and the tapestry of human existence. These blossoms, distilled to their pure essence, transcend their natural allure and assume metaphorical guises that encapsulate the very core of our being. This body of work seeks to serve as a profound inquiry, unravelling the intricate relationship between these flowers, potent symbols of our humanity, and the nuanced nuances of individualism that define us.