Yuyao Zhuo

Another Possibility (2020)

Yuyao Zhuo (YYZ) is an artist currently working and living in London. Her practice revolves around the concept of sustainability. Utilising elements from daily life, she deconstructs and reconstructs, building eclectic and fashionable art installations. Exhibition within an exhibition is YYZ's immersive showcasing method, whilst her day-to-day work involves challenging and exploring the fusion of different mediums. This dedication results in each artwork presenting a completely refreshed display. Since 2020, her renowned piece Another Possibility has been featured in numerous galleries, theatres and boutiques worldwide. It has gained coverage from mainstream media and prominent magazines. In September 2023, her work was nominated for London Design Festival and London Fashion Week SS 2024. In October 2023, the newly created piece Symbiosis premiered at London's Ninety One Living House, and in December she was featured in Bazaar and Elle.