Giles Clarke

I Am A Warrior (2023)


“I've always tried to tell the story in front of me with as little to do about the camera as possible. Giles Clarke started taking pictures in West Berlin during the mid-1980s when the Wall surrounded the city. The artist was 19 years old. “I would spend hours walking beside the wall, a never-ending 13ft high concrete canvas. Artists from all over the world would come and paint. I couldn't paint like those guys, but I had a camera given to me, so I began taking pictures using 35mm film. I soon bought a darkroom enlarger, and then I was hooked. I have never looked back. I mention Berlin in those days because my photography is all about curiosity and understanding. Being 'walled in' by one's curiosity was the thing that sparked my storytelling. In the years since, as a wandering photojournalist and in the 100+ countries where I have photographed, I have never strayed far from the canvas of curiosity.”