Masha Trotzky


Born in Moscow, Masha Trotzky, started her art career in 2009, became the “Best Photographer” (2010) National Award winner, received the Silver Graphis Award in NY (2016) and LICC in London (2018). The artist left Russia in 2014 due to strong aesthetic disagreement with the regime. In 2021, Trotzky did her PhD Viva at the Free University of Brussels and then moved to Stockholm, where she currently lives and works. She says: "I'm a storyteller. It doesn't really matter how the story will be told - whether it will be a series of photos, a vector illustration, objects made of stretch vinyl or jewellery sculptures – the narrative, plot, the character and the feelings are important." Insomnia is a project about reality and dreams, connections between people, attachments and addiction. Trotzky asks: “How strong is the link between reality and dreams? What binds or restricts us? Can we live without these restrictions?”